Why start swimming?

Surely you've already heard what magic is the swimming for our body , although you are probably not aware of all the good things about practicing this sport. That is why I will explain its benefits to you, if you want to add swimming to your lives:

1. Exercise the whole body

Swimming is the sport that requires continuous movement. Even when you are in suspension, you are working some muscle! So it's the endurance activity par excellence.

Also, if you want to work a particular muscle, when doing the movement, you're already working on a set of muscles.

2. Does not hurt the joints

The movements that are made when swimming are soft and have no impact, which do not suffer any deterioration . With these movements we also exercise tendons and ligaments, which increases flexibility and, therefore, the quality of life. Also, keep in mind that when floating, the weight does not fall on it. If swimming is the perfect sport!

3. Ideal for all ages

As mentioned above, by not damaging the joints, it is a sport that everyone can practice regardless of age.

4. Good for the back

In swimming, the muscles of the back and neck are exercised a lot. Consequently they strengthen and, therefore, help to treat and prevent possible back and neck pain.

Keep in mind that if you train more than you can cause muscle tension. Also, to avoid injuries and benefit from swimming, do not forget to stretch before swimming and, once you are in the pool swimming, keep in mind to swim with the proper technique. In this way, you will ensure you do not have post-workout pain.


5. No add-on required

You do not need to buy accessories to practice swimming. With a swimsuit, a cap and some glasses is enough . On the other hand, it should be noted that when the weather is good, you can practice it for free.Fantastic sport to burn calories

Being constantly on the move, you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour of moderate training. Also, once you're finished, your body keeps burning calories. What more do you want?!

7. There are different variations

With swimming you will never get bored. There are countless exercises that can be practiced: from different swimming styles (crawl, back, butterfly, etc.) to using the pool wall to do push-ups, sit-ups, etc.


8. Optimize your workouts

Swimming will improve your performance in the gym and vice versa. So if you are preparing for a marathon, sign up to swim to have qualities that will differentiate you from your competitors.

9. Maximize your pulsations

It is the best aerobic sport, since it requires more control when breathing. Faced with this great demand for oxygen, the muscles work much harder than another activity such as running. So the results will be seen more quickly with swimming.

10. Improves the emotional state

Like all exercise, creates endorphins which cause a wonderful sense of happiness. Also, if you swim regularly, you will see the results soon and your self-esteem will increase. In addition, it should be noted that contact with water reduces stress.

Everything you need, in a sport. What are you waiting for?

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