What supplements to use to train?


This time, from a more personal perspective, I talk about the use of three accessories for the gym. Here I leave the benefits and disadvantages that have for me to wear gloves, girdle and music.

First of all comment that, at the level of training, use supplements can have their advantages or disadvantages. In any case, its use depends on the person, the time of training and the type of exercise , so it is good to keep in mind the objectives we want to achieve and the benefits of using them or not.

Here are my three basics, everyone who reads, values ​​and makes the most appropriate decision.


  • Benefits of using gloves in the gym

Gloves offer a more comfortable grip, since they absorb moisture from the hands, preventing the weights from slipping and allowing in turn to perform the exercises in a slightly more pleasant way. Also, avoid the appearance of calluses on the hands and minimize the discomfort they produce once you already have them.

I have tried several types, and no doubt, I prefer those who have a reinforcement on the wrists . They are really useful for performing exercises where I force the wrist joint too much.

  • Disadvantages of using gloves in the gym

The use of gloves can also have some drawbacks. Sometimes we have to assess whether it is worth using them or better to do without them.

Depending on the routine, the gloves make the grip more imprecise. I usually spend in those exercises that require a lot of control by the hand, its use causes the movement to be clumsier, of less quality, losing execution value.



  • Benefits of wearing a girdle in the gym

The girdle helps maintain the alignment of the back, which can be very beneficial for prevent injuries caused by lifting heavy weights .

I use the lumbar belt only for the lifting of large loads in free exercises in order to strengthen the lower back and ensure the correct execution exercises. The exercises where I apply the belt are: the squats or the dead weight.

  • Disadvantages of using the belt in the gym

Constantly wearing the girdle can cause muscle atrophy in the back and abdominal muscles. The weakened muscles of the back can increase the potential for injury. I advise learning to create abdominal pressure naturally without having to rely on the support of a belt.Throughout the development of the routine the rhythm of the music increases, giving priority to electronic music or hip-hop. For the cardiovascular phase, I usually use Latin music, which encourages me to move and have a good time, in this way I avoid falling into boredom and mental heaviness.

  • Disadvantages of use music in the gym

Although it seems strange, often the use of inappropriate music can cause demotivation or loss of concentration. For this reason, I recommend always having a list of songs prepared for each moment of the gym.

I also recommend bringing the music on some kind of music-only playback device. From my own experience, many times when I have music on my mobile I have been tempted to answer messages, see notifications ... and that has ended up taking my toll.


This is all, I hope that the opinion from personal experience can serve you help for the next routines.

And you, do you have any other favorite add-on?

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