The French sensation training method "Strong is the New Sexy"


There are many guides and training plans that can be found in the media today. So many, that sometimes we can be overwhelmed with so much information, or even confuse us, because sometimes they contradict each other. But something is true, when a training method is effective and accessible to many, it becomes viral . Today we will talk about STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY , the training method for women that has become sensation throughout France.

Created by the international coach and recognized expert French David Costa. The female guide STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY has changed the way of training thousands of women and now stomps in the Hispanic media. So, what makes this method so popular? Fitness in Women teaches you the keys of this popular guide.

First Let's Talk About Your Author

In the world of health and fitness coaching credibility is vital. After all, who will follow the training of someone who is not in shape? As it is said in the religions, you have to practice what you preach!

David Costa ​​strong> Yes, he preaches by example. With his more than 10 years of experience in the field, David has managed to be one of the references in the French sector. He is the official coach of the famous magazine Men's Fitness, in which he writes articles every month. He also writes for other magazines such as Fitness Mag,, Vital, Ilosport and Le Figaro.

His university training in physical preparation, certificates and masters "Master 2 STAPS", BEMF "Certification in physical training" , BEHACUMESE "Certification in weights, bodybuilding, sports education and training", Certificate federation 3 "expert trainer" FFHMFAC and Level 1 CrossFit.  image3

In addition, David serves as trainer for PowerLifting competitions at national level .

Coaches girls in the Bikini category, boys in men's physique and the same is fitness model .

David is on top! p>

"Strong is the New Sexy": the method

STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY is a guide between for women with a different approach to the usual. This method of female training lasts 12 weeks and offers a plan according to the level of each user. Follow this link to see the web page of the method

The method has revolutionized the way of training. It has a practical focus and opposed to the traditional "cardio hours" that women usually find.David teaches in his method how to take advantage of them to burn fat, tone up and be fit more optimally. These routines do wonders with the metabolism.

In addition, from the revolutionary approach, the guide contains daily planning. It also has video tutorials with the demonstration of the mechanics of the main exercises. Detailed illustrations for each exercise, in addition to providing tips for breathing, and muscle groups activated in each execution.

strong is the new sexy the guide This is extremely important, since it allows to get the most out of each repetition. It allows to avoid injuries and at the same time gives us a deeper knowledge about our own body.

STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY offers great food tips and recipes available to everyone. Advice on nutrition, healthy living and tips for before and after training.

7 Key points of the STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY method:

  • It is available 100% in Spanish.
  • Available in two presentations: Home Version and Gym Version.
  • Does not use long hours of cardio.
  • Adaptable at any level.
  • Great for burning fat, toning and building muscle in the lower body.
  • Contains examples of the mechanics of each exercise.
  • It has recipes and food tips.
  • Community of more than 40k in social networks

Recipe "Fit" courtesy of STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY

Vegetable Hamburger

If you want more information about the guide, it is still you LINK or click on the bottom image. Greetings, thanks for reading!

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