The anticancer power of broccoli


The famous green bouquet! Do you consume it habitually?

I'll give you some reasons to convince you!

Do you know that broccoli is characterized by its anti-cancer activity ? How?

It has a biocomponent known as glucosinolate , exerting anti-carcinogenic function in our body.
It is composed of sulfur and nitrogen, which by certain processes give rise to other compounds activating detoxifying enzymes by gene expression.

Amount of recommended consumption of this food? 350-500 grams per day.
How can we cook it? I propose to accompany your dishes with a good portion of steamed broccoli ! The less temperature greater nutritive conservation ; although occasionally a few laps in the pan with olive oil is great!

How can broccoli have anti-cancer activity?

This effect is found in its bioactive component "glucosinolate", a compound that contains sulfur and nitrogen. These elements are hydrolyzed by an enzyme that is activated when we chew this food and when the digestive process begins. This enzyme, once activated, hydrolyses the glucosinolates, giving rise to another compound "sulforaphane", this is the one that produces this activity! Acts at the level of the liver! And the funny thing is our organism! We will have to take care of it so that it can perform all these functions, right?

How sulforaphane works at the level of the liver?
Induces the expression of enzymes and what happens? This compound binds to a certain histone site promoting its acetylation leading to the expression of a series of genes that are involved in the arrest of the cell cycle and in apoptosis. How do you stay?
Broccoli contains the biocomponent "Glucosinolates" that stops the cell cycle and apoptosis through a series of processes. And all this depends on the gene expression of DNA!

What benefits will you get with the consumption of this plant?

- Anti-cancer activity at the level of the digestive system, stimulating the natural death of cancer cells (apoptosis)
- Protection against hormonal cancers and prevention in the formation of tumors in the colon and in the liver
- Prevents arrhythmias, arteriosclerosis and other coronary diseases
- R educates cholesterol and hypertension
- Contributes emotional well-being , thus avoiding states of stress and depression due to its content in folic acid along with magnesium, phosphorus and iron
- Say goodbye to acidity how?Take advantage and cook this steamed food! At higher temperature ... more loss of nutrients, so ... less benefit to our body. Also ... you spend more gas! Save and be solid with the environment.

Extremely extensive list of benefits, right? ... Now you dare to consume it? I leave it in your hands!


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