Say yes to healthy fats!

Good fats are very important in your meals!

Many will think that eliminating fat intake will help lower your body fat percentage ... You have to specify better what kind of fats are consumed! As you already know, there are several types of fats and today I will talk about unsaturated fats, known as essential fatty acids , which are necessary in our body omega-3!

Where can we find it?

Because we can not synthesize it in our body, we must obtain it from certain food sources. We can achieve this through the consumption of some fish; like salmon, herring, sardines; the egg; seeds, such as flax or chia seeds; in olive oil, avocado and almonds among other foods.


What is omega-3?

It is a type of unsaturated fatty acid belonging to the series n -3 composed of linolenic acid (LNA). It is unsaturated because they have carbon double bonds (C = C) in their carbonate chain. There are up to 6 types of omega-3 acids, all of which are derived from alpha-linolenic acid

How is it metabolized?

Unsaturated fatty acids They are found in the diet in the form of triglycerides, like almost all fat. Triglycerides are made up of one molecule of glycerol and three fatty acids. In addition, they contain unsaturated fatty acids, with double bonds, are liquid at room temperature, but can be converted into solid fats by hydrogenation of the double bonds.

This type of fatty acids form micelles that will be absorbed when they reach the small intestine. These micelles, have the characteristic of integrating in them other substances, such as vitamins and carotenes, which could not be absorbed by the body through other routes.

Why should we consume this type of fat?

  • Decreases plasma triglycerides
  • Promotes less platelet aggregation, thereby increasing the concentration of thromboxane (TXA 3 )


  • Protects the body from cardiovascular disease
  • It makes the blood cholesterol concentration lower

What do you expect to consume it? There are many advantages to be gained by incorporating foods that serve as a source of omega-3!

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