Running + Bodybuilding: winning combination!


In this article for running and racing lovers , we will discuss the importance of fitness. And it is that all experienced riders (or those with a few kilometers behind them) know that in addition to running, it is essential to work muscle building to get better marks.

Also in the case that you are Novice, this article is addressed to you. You surely want to start running as efficiently as possible!

The international coach in bodybuilding and nutrition David Costa ​​strong> explains the importance of muscle training in running.

Learn about the advantages of doing weight training to accelerate your progress. Here are some secrets of his popular method Strong is the New Sexy.

The advantages of running using weight routines

Contrary to what many may think, performing bodybuilding sessions complements runners. Working your muscles with weight does not slow down or reduce flexibility, but on the contrary, an adequate training in bodybuilding will allow you to have a better pace and an exercised musculature. You will be able to keep your body in the proper position, increase your power and your speed in your races.

The result of the muscle building will be to have more powerful muscles, which will allow a greater production of strength for each action. . You will get a better use of the elastic energy of support, a defined posture, a body with harmony and therefore a much better performance in your times.

Training session following The Strong is the New Sexy guide

The Strong is the New Sexy method, in addition to tips on training and feeding, is a full 12-week program. In this program, you will follow intense physical training methods, effective and especially adapted to your level.

Indeed, the use of additional weights allows you to easily adjust the effort, movement and number of repetitions to perform chords at your level. The exercises shown below will strengthen your lower body to give a new level to your running practice:

  • Strength in knee extensors:

This group integrates all the exercises that require extension of the knee.
Also includes the exercises in bench with weights and squats, below you can see the correct mechanics of the squats with weights thanks to our expert David Costa.

  • Lower train flexibility and strength:

In the exercises to increase flexibility, the hamstrings and calves are involved. For example, perform dead weight repetitions with straight legs incorporating weights, achieve the goal and also give power to your buttocks.Having a strong abdomen is extremely important in the practice of running.

For example, the exercise proposed below, in which you start in a "plank" position and leave the body straight.

Then you will incorporate small jumps inwards with the knees. Although in principle you are not adding weight, the intensity of its realization takes a lot of value.

Frequency and intensity of the session

The incorporation of strength training is important, but the intensity in the effort is equally important.
For many sports, perform squats with your own body weight, it seems to be enough, but it takes more intensity to force your body to adapt, and therefore to be able to progress. That's why depending on your level you can make series of 5 to 15 repetitions.

The weight used must be heavy enough to do repetitions adequately but not easily. In other words. You have to make an effort!

All these combined elements allow you to improve running and running times, your body will be more prepared!

Thanks for reading, for more information about David and his method visit his website here.
Or follow him on Instagram: #CFStrongSexy.

Greetings, and see you next time!

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