YOGITOE SKIDLESS® Towel - , XL + tax
 Mat size enables a non-slip, steadier yoga practice
 New eco nubs for a stickier surface
 Super absorbent - puts a hygienic layer between you and the yoga mat
 Easy to care-machine wash and tumble dry
 Red and purple mats should be washed before using to set in natural dye

Sticky Mats - + tax
 Known for bumpy texture and superior traction. Of all the mats that we tested we found these to be significantly better. They are a little bit more expensive as we import them from Germany. The difference is this mat is denser than others that are mostly filled with air. Best news is, if you follow washing instructions they get better with age!

Bikram's New Book - + tax
 Each chapter consists of instructions for each pose, and a quick list of the Benefits to be derived specifically from that pose.
 The book gives two versions of the steps of each pose: the "Ideal" and the "Reality." The Ideal is accompanied by photographs and runs across the top half of every page. It is how you will eventually do the pose. The Reality, illustrated with photos and commentary, runs along the bottom half of the page. This is how normal people, perhaps a trifle overweight and out of shape, will feel and perform the first days, weeks, or months.

Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class CD Cassette - + tax
 Bikram talks you through the entire 26 asana series, just as if you were in his class. Hear all his secrets for getting into each pose correctly--if you try the right way, you'll get as much benefit and even more, as somone who can do the posture 100% correct. 

Rajasree's Pregnancy Yoga VHS: Video - + tax
 Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga provides a unified system for developing relaxation, strengthening and training of abdominal, pelvic, and spinal muscles. It's the natural low-stress method for improvement of cardio-vascular efficiency, important for a safe delivery.