Your First Time

Sweat!! Be prepared to work hard.
  • The room is heated to aid in relaxing muscles and flushing toxins through the skin.
  • 90-minute classes (arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class if possible.)
  • Select a spot in the class room where you can see yourself in the mirror.
  • Practice should be done on an empty stomach. Small snacks or juice one hour prior may be reasonable.
  • Workout wear for women - Loose shorts for men
  • No need to Pre-Register, "Just Drop In".
  • Beginners welcome in all classes.
  • Shower Facilities

Click here to view Bikram FAQ's from headquarters.

Your First TimeSpecial Introductory 4 New Students  for 2 weeks of Unlimited Yoga

Within your first two weeks:
If you take class on 3 consecutive days you earn a gift certificate for 20% off.

Redeemable for any unlimited class packages.

To maximize your benefit from Bikram Yoga you should practice as regularly and consistently as possible......especially at the help you get a good start, we created this incentive program for you. This offer may only be purchased on your first visit to our studios. Only local residents please. See our Tuition page for prices on the monthly and annual unlimited packages.

Your First Time