Exercise at home: there are no excuses. Do you want to save time and money?


If your justification for not doing exercises and fortifying your body is not having time to go to a gym, and besides this you consider that you should spend money which you could invest in other things; DAVID COSTA Fitness expert for women, gives you the best way to save time and money by strengthening your body with a series of exercise routines at home.

Start by performing a brief muscular elongation, this will allow you to prepare your muscles by stretching them to start your routine and thus avoid injuries.
Then make five (5) minutes of stationary trot, a Little cardio will help you warm up, as well as your physical conditioning. In the same way, you can alternate going up and down stairs (if you count on them) since, they are one of the best tools that we have for exercises at home. In addition, in this way you increase the temperature of your body and your muscles are ready to work.


Next, I mention some of the most recommended and very common exercises that you will surely know. With this I intend to make the practice of the routine as easy and understandable as possible.

Home exercises: recommended

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  • Push-ups: A very popular exercise that we already know how to do it. It is only important to remember to have the correct posture when going up and down doing the push-ups. Make your push-ups from an iron position, focus on squeezing your abdomen and glutes to get the most out of this exercise. Do (3) sets of (15) repetitions.

girl-doing- bending-of-chest-exercises at home

  • Biceps curls: Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms stretched and sideways of your body, raise both dumbbells by flexing your elbows; if you prefer you can raise them until they reach the height of your shoulders. This way you have two options of push-ups to work your biceps. (If you do not have dumbbells you can substitute water bottles or something similar to do the exercise.) It is recommended to do (3) sets of (10) repetitions.


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  • Crunch: When lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, the width of your hips apart, slowly move your head and trunk toward your knees until the scapulae separate from the floor.Stop for a moment and return to the initial position while you take a breath and repeat the movement.

Do (3) sets of (20) repetitions.


  • Leg lifts: To properly execute the leg lifts on the floor you must, first of all, as your name indicates, lie down on the floor. Place your hands under the gluteus, with the palms of the hand resting on the floor, placing them until we feel comfortable. We will raise our legs slowly from the ground as straight as possible. Keep your legs raised until the bottom of our feet point to the ceiling, keeping your knees as extended as possible. If we can not put them in that position, we will try to take our legs as high as we can. We will lower our legs slowly and in a controlled manner, again, to the starting position.

Do (3) sets of (20) repetitions.

lifting-of-legs-exercises at home


  • Lunges: Put your hands on your waist, they will give you balance to do the exercise. Now take a step forward with your right leg as far as you can, lower your hips until your left knee almost touches the ground. Keep your glutes and abdomen tight. Repeat the movement now with your left leg and continue like this until completing (25) repetitions with each leg.


  • Step on chair: Your name says it all. Find a firm chair and go up to it as if it were a Step. First one leg, then the other and it goes down in the same way. An excellent workout for your glutes and hamstrings (the muscles of the back of the thigh). Continue like this until you complete (25) repetitions with each leg.

step-en -seat-exercises-in-house

  • Open sumo squat: This is our favorite squat to harden buttocks and hips. You will also notice how the inner thigh works like never before. Undoubtedly the best choice among all types of squats. Do (3) sets of repetitions of (20) .


With this last step you will finish your exercise routine at home.

This series of exercises are alternatives to put into practice. Which you can alternate or vary according to your need.

Nobody knows your body better than yourself. Remember to be consistent with the training to obtain a good and better result.

We end this article telling you that there are no more excuses, since, you have an excellent routine in your hands that besides saving time and money , you also gain in health and vitality. Do this series of exercises at home offered by David Costa Fitnes. For more information check out Strong is the New Sexy or follow us on instagram with the # CFStrongSexy.

Thanks for reading, a hug and I'll be waiting for you on your next visit !!!

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