About Us

Billy Wee, Director San Ramon Studio, started studying with Bikram in 1974 while he was a student at UCLA. At that time Bikram's primary students were entertainers and he wanted to recruit more athletes so several members from the UCLA Tennis team started to go to his classes after tennis practice. He's been practicing regularly ever since! Billy is also a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Investment Advisor, being married with 4 active children = a busy life, but finding a way to intergrate Yoga into your lifestyle is a MUST!
Annique, besides the flexibility, strength and endurance for my body this yoga has been a metaphor for my life, gaining will power and stamina and day to day life. It's definitely been one of the most powerful influences in my life. Gary, guest instructor. I want my body to be my friend instead of my enemy. For Gary, it's a family ritual and new way of life. His attitude is that we do yoga for the rest of us - to stay young and stay healthy ... the keep trying harder people.

, Bikram yoga helped to cure my chronic back pain. Aferwards I was in a car accident and injured my L3 and L5 and Bikram yoga put me on the road to recovery, I'd be crippled without it.
Jill, there is always something to learn. Bikram yoga helps me to enjoy life more and feel better.

, I was drawn to the program because of my wheat allergy. The postures help to maintain my digestive system, build strength and I feel great after working out.
Lee, I suffered from chronic pain as a result of a wrestling accident for 2 years and after my first class my migraine headache went away. 10 years into my practice I got in to a major car accident and the practice was my road to recovery. This program accepts you whereever you are and moves you in a positive direction. It is scientifically designed to give everyone 100% of the benefits.
About Us