5 tips to optimize your workouts

Throughout my professional career in gyms and sports centers, I have observed that, although the years go by and more information is available, both women and men continue to commit errors when training . Here you have 5 tips to optimize your workouts :

1. Make weights in your workouts


If you want to see results, you must include strength routines in your workouts. Yes, now sure someone is thinking "is that I get very fast volume when I do weight", because that is not that easy. Increasing muscle mass costs a lot!

If you train weights, your body will be more effective because you'll have more muscle mass (this does not mean being the incredible Hulk, but feeling the body more firm). Having more muscle is like installing the engine of a Ferrari inside: just by going around, you'll burn a lot of calories .

In the fitness room you can train, but if not it attracts you and you like the directed and group classes, my favorite ones are Bodypump and CWORX . In fact, these are the basis of my training. Of course, you have to find that the weight you use is a challenge, come to the end feeling that you can not do one more repetition.

2. Do not abuse cardio

Arriving at the fitness room, watching the tapes full of girls and the free weight area full of guys is something that makes me think. Not doing cardio every day will achieve your goals . Yes, you should include this type of exercise in your workouts, but do not focus on uploading to the tape, looking at how many minutes you have and how many calories you have consumed. This does not work. If you want cardio to be effective , introduce a couple of high-intensity sessions a week. These should be short: about 30 minutes.

3. Reward syndrome

This is usually the cause of "volume up" fast. As I have been to the gym, I eat more or I like this because then I will burn it. False!! You have to eat, but do not abuse the whims. Take real food and cooked in a healthy way.

salad- healthy-presentation

To have real results, you need carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats . Balance your diet and you will see that you will have more energy. You will surrender more in your workouts!

4. Eliminate localized fat

Do not center your workouts on I want to lose here or there. The fat wraps around your body and when you start to burn, you will eliminate more of some areas than others. Especially do not obsess , I assure you that if you meet the above points, you will see results .

5. Take into account your menstrual cycle

The female hormones are the cause of the changes your body undergoes during the mentrual cycle. Keep in mind that towards the end of this cycle, you will feel more bloated and you will notice that you hold more.


Those days drink more water, add some more walk and try not to skip any food , since, otherwise, you will visit that feeling of anxiety that we have all suffered: you want to eat anything sweet in your pantry. That will ruin your evolution!

I hope these tips will help you to have a clearer how to reach your goals and to optimize your workouts .


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