5 tips for a perfect bowl Smoothie


They have become very fashionable The Smoothie bowls but, why will it be? There is something that makes eating from a bowl more attractive, and smoothies are no exception. They are delicious served in a tall glass, but if you put the smoothie in a bowl and add all the toppings you want you will not be able to let go of the spoon from your hands.

Make it thick

The cooler and thicker your smoothie bowl is, the better it will be. There are two ways to get this texture: Start with less liquid than you would for a smoothie, or you can add more base ingredients such as frozen fruit to the blender. This fruit, in addition to providing the desired texture, will give the point of perfect sweetness to the bowl.
It is important the detail that the fruit is frozen because it will give the ideal thickness, not like the fresh fruit that having more liquid we can not control it. That's why it's always better to start with little liquid and as we add all the ingredients, change to taste.

Chill the bowl before you start

Although they are denser than smoothies, smoothie bowls are very light and perfect for summer . But they only stay that perfect for a short time. From the blender, straight to the mouth.


Still, there's a trick to not let this happen to you. You must leave the bowl in which you are going to put all the ingredients in the freezer before you start. This way, you will get to enjoy the look of your smoothie bowl more time.

Choose a deep bowl

Keep in mind the shape of the bowl you are going to use. Once again, the trick is to keep the smoothie bowl thick and cold for as long as possible. Take a bowl deeper than wide, because a smaller surface means that it will melt more slowly.

Have everything ready before loading the blender

This is a general rule whenever you cook anything, but in this case it is even more important to prevent it from melting fast. Have all prepared ingredients before putting anything in the blender. And they all mean both the main ingredients, as the toppings.

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Add texture with the toppings

 Fruit Toppings

What really distinguishes smoothie bowls from lifelong smoothies is toppings! The surface of the bowl, compared to a tall glass, allows you to add different colors and textures with nuts, seeds, granola or fresh fruit.