3 ways to combine food


As you all know, healthy and adequate nutrition to our physical and mental needs is the basis for the balance between body and mind. Even so, however much you are taking a diet based on fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and lean proteins and/or vegetables. There is something more that many people ignore or ignore.

Combine food: the alchemy of eating

Food usually has more points in common with the search for alchemy than with satisfying the stomach. We agree that hunger is a very important fact and that it must be taken into account. Followed by the pleasure of eating a delicious and delicious meal. However, did you know that the food combination is something fundamental to optimize our meals and intakes?

Thanks to all the knowledge we have today in relation to the properties of almost all foods. That of mixing anything edible on a plate is no longer optimal. It is not the same to eat a dish of macaroni with butter than a plate of rice with zucchini. And not only caloric or flavors. When we cook weekly menu, we should keep in mind what ingredients we mix. Well, depending on this combination, we will take advantage of its nutrients to a lesser or greater degree.

Carbohydrates and proteins a combination not recommended

Next, we will provide 3 food combinations. That you can introduce in your daily menus in a nutritious and delicious way. In this way, you will take advantage of each bite and you will even see how the flavors intensify. However, let me tell you a couple of little things, in relation to the combination between food families .

We refer to the protein-protein mix, hydrates with hydrates and proteins with hydrates . Nobody seems strange to combine in a single dish, for example, potatoes with chicken or chicken with plums. However, these combinations cause the digestion to be heavier and slower. Well, the juices that the stomach needs to digest proteins and carbohydrates are different. This mixture of juices causes a fermentation and, therefore, gases.

For this reason you must take into account that the ideal is to consume a good vegetable base. Be raw (salads or smoothies) or cooked (stews or creams), accompanied by either a single protein (vegetable or animal) or carbohydrates ( cereals, starches, pasta, starches). With regard to fruits, the ideal is to eat them between meals or at breakfast.These foods are noted for having iron , potassium , calcium , selenium, glucosinolates (anticancer), folic acid and many other great nutrients for our body .

To make the absorption of its nutrients easier to our body, the ideal is to combine the cruciferous with tomato , it can be natural, sieved or in pieces. And lemon juice in, for example, vinaigrette. A good option is to add a few pieces of tomato spiced with oregano, cumin, garlic and lemon juice to a serving of steamed broccoli. If you want to incorporate some almonds or tahini as a healthy fat, great!

Take a look : as a datum, tell them that lemon juice also goes great with any green leafy vegetable For these are rich in iron and the acid of the lemon helps the body absorb it properly.

Broccoli and tomato

  1. Wholegrain rice with legumes

Like all you know, vegetable proteins are a perfect source of food for their properties. Since they do not contain saturated fats. Among vegetable protein foods are legumes or what is the same: chickpeas, lentils, beans, black beans, white, etc.

Legumes they have a lot of lysine, one of the 10 essential amino acids for our organism, and little methionine, another of these amino acids. In contrast, the cereals are the opposite, abundant in methionine and lacking in lysine. If we combine them, effectively, the amount of these amino acids is balanced and we provide our body with a complete and round vegetable protein.

An example of recipe 10? the classic caldito with rice and vegetables, you can make a broth of vegetables without protein. Remember what we have told you above. Mix them with a handful of rice, another of legumes (better if they are lentils or chickpeas) and voilà! You can leave small pieces of vegetables from the broth, such as zucchini, garlic, pumpkin, carrot and onion, to complete the broth.

 Brown rice with legumes

  1. Avocado with tomato and carrot strong>

The beta-carotene is responsible for the striking color of carrots and peppers. It is absorbed by the body and it transforms it into vitamin A. It is great for the internal and external structure of our skin and for the eyesight.

The avocado is a food rich in omega 3 , one of the healthiest fats par excellence. Helps the body absorb beta-carotene. For this reason, recipes such as guacamole dipeado with carrot sticks or a salad of raw spinach, tomato and avocado are a real match in terms of properties.

 Avocado with tomato and carrot

As you can see, the combination of food and the order of intake does alter the resulting product. Or what is the same: take care of your dishes Make them the perfect formula for your health!

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