10 useful tips for a Christmas Fit

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, Santa Claus will soon enter with his coat and fill the house with gifts. The lamb, the champagne, the grapes and family dinners are back. Well, do not worry, here are some tips to prevent the body end like Santa Claus.

Apply as a rule "Christmas or excesses" is not realistic. Who does not love to enjoy a good Christmas dinner, nougat and marzipan? Throughout these days, there are Christmas commitments that do not make it possible to keep up at a good pace ... and you know what? It's okay! You must enjoy and give the time it deserves to everything. Make the most of these days to rest, recover energy and renew internally.

Here you have 10 Christmas tips for these holidays:

1. Decorate your home with Christmas and keep moving
This is something you practice every day with the daily hustle and bustle, but it is especially important during the holidays. Do not sit on the sofa after eating, you can change the lights to the tree or take advantage of the day to go for a walk with friends. In this way you will avoid feeling bloated and will help the body to better process the heavy meals of these days.

2. Quick workouts for real pages

girls training in the gym room
Do you have to be a real page? Should you prepare New Year's Eve dinner? Even if you only have 10-20 minutes to train you should go for it! We propose you to do a high intensity workout or a calisthenics workout for 15 minutes. They can be done anywhere, you do not need to go to a gym and you can get excellent results.

3. Hydrate yourself like a reindeer
Did you know that sometimes we feel hungry when our body is really thirsty? When you want to reach that nougat that was left over from last night, take a glass of water and after a while plantéate if you really are still hungry. If drinking water is a boring act, I suggest you try special flavors for water. There are many flavors and colors! Take advantage and add a touch of color to your drinks.

4. Santa Claus distributes all the gifts in one night, and you?
If you can only train one day a week, take advantage of the time and do it productively. Make a workout of large muscle groups, these will consume more energy and the extra calories you can ingest throughout the week will really go towards a good cause: repair and muscle recovery.

5. Treat yourself to cravings.

chocolate fitness turron
Satisfy your appetites in a healthy way. You must take advantage of these dates to download your brain from day to day. There are many deliciously healthy recipes that can help satisfy the temptation. Here I leave a recipe for chocolate nougat and peanuts that is delicious.
Truquito : Suck in hours where there is a higher caloric expenditure such as, before training, or before a long Christmas shopping day.

6. Coal for those who misbehave
Learn to say "no". Walking can you find all kinds of Christmas sweets, or that little piece that has your name? Really only you know what you have eaten and when you have done it. Denying the offer will help you build a solid habit. Throughout the week you will be surprised how many times you have refused and the small-great effort you have made. Congratulations champion.

7.But, if you keep telling yourself that it is cold and dark, you will not get anywhere. Create motivations to suit you: complete the training and eat that appetizing Christmas breakfast, go to the gym and release the tights that Santa has brought you, go running and see what Christmas lights are.

8 The magic of Christmas
Renew the classics. You can allow yourself to enjoy your favorites, those that perhaps have more calories. The more you eat, the more you crave and the harder it is to stop eating later. Even so, you must know to what extent to consume them and above all enjoy them. Possible favorites: nougat, beef stew and marzipan. Cook it without excess oil or salt, combine them and create a healthy menu.

Breakfast: Sandwich with coffee and nougat
Fat: A slice of almond nougat
Protein: 60g of turkey cold cuts
Carbohydrates: 60g of whole wheat bread
Stimulant: American coffee

Food: Salad with beef stew
1st Plate: Green salad (to taste)
2nd Plate: Protein: 120g of red veal
Carbohydrates: 100g of potato

Dinner: Broccoli puree with papillote flounder
1st Plate: Broccoli puree (to taste)
2nd Plate: Protein: 120g sole to the papillote
Fats: A marzipan

9. The nine reindeer of Santa Claus
Do you have a group of friends who train regularly? Do not let your colleagues relax and pull them. Do not loosen when the nougat arrives. I encourage you to take advantage of these dates to train with a more Christmas look, in addition to performing the routine you will have a very renewed laugh! Propose to your group a fit dinner after your day. So anyone trains at Christmas, right?

10. I've been good all year ... Will you bring me gifts this year?
If you've been working throughout the year, you do not have to worry. Remember the concept of "fattening", you may gain weight on the scale, but ... is it really fat? Probably kilos of retention and impurities that you can easily lose. Follow these tips, but above all, do not obsess over these dates. You must relax and enjoy the magic of Christmas, this will be the greatest gift.

Do not feel bad if you have really sinned, the body needs to satisfy their desires to feel happy. Make the most of it and your self-esteem will be rewarded. When the regularity arrives, you can reduce the possible excesses that you have had. It is always better to leave that negative mentality, be positive, what is done is done, for it again in 2017.

Put creativity in your Christmas menus and adapt the training. Saving a little extra calories or burning a little more will always help you through the process, but it's not crucial. Remember, it is not about what you do at this moment, but what you do throughout the year. The best results take time!

My wishes for this Christmas? Enjoy and much Fitness.
Happy Holidays!

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