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The Workout of your Life ... 
Bikram  HOT Yoga!

Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Concentration, Muscle Tone,
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Bikram Yoga is a complete system
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New Years Day (Jan. 1st) Schedule: 
9:30 AM & 2 PM 
Classes Only

The Studio is in the rear of the building complex in the northwest corner. Drive to the back of the complex where there is plenty of parking on site next to the entrance.



Justin A.

Martin is an extraordinary teacher! I've been doing Bikram for 5 years or so and he's one of the best. Highly recommend his class.


Drew P.

After several months at this club I'm updating my review to 5 stars.  The comments I made earlier re class etiquette were one-off events and are not indicative of normal operation.In short, unless you want a plush surrounding and are bothered by the functional, workmanlike environment of this studio I honestly can't think of anything negative to say here.  I've done Bikram at other studios and in my opinion this is the best.


Akhila R.

I loved the class today, and the instructor was awesome. It's been one year since I have done Bikram and my oh my it is a challenge and very good for your body. It's almost like 5 workouts in one. Immediately I feel changes in my body, such as my posture and in my feet while walking. Imagine if I keep this up a couple times a week, the positive changes that may come. It's good for strengthening the mind too, as the instructor stated today that strength of body leads to strength of mind and emotions. This really stuck with me. I like that the atmosphere is non-pretentious and in fact very kind, non-judgemenal, positive and accepting. You can go at your own pace. All the students are at different levels. I really appreciated the free towel since I forgot mine today. The facility and locker rooms are very clean. Give it a try.


John G.

I was visiting from out of town to play piano at a local restaurant and took a class with Claire. She was great. She stuck to the Bikram Dialogue very well and wasn't afraid to give corrections. The room was hot, but I didn't feel like dying. Afterward her and her husband came to watch me play to celebrate their anniversary. Such a warm welcoming friendly environment! I will be back for sure!


Katy Q.

I've seen a  handful of bikram studios due to my sporadic practice over the last 5 years (in 3 different states), and this one seems like its starting out. Free towels for rent is a HUGE perk, thank you!Their system was not very intuitive on how to use groupons so there was some trouble on my first day, but no issues afterwards. Paper sign-in (which makes it easy to forget sometimes). Their changing area and bathrooms are clean, but the locker keys are fragile (maybe due to excessive heat/moisture?) and one even broke in half while I was using it. The room itself is not well ventilated, so there is always a scent. Not always bad, but always stuffy. Fans maybe? They could benefit from a microphone or speaker system as it is hard to hear instructors over the noise too.I only had a handful of classes here, but only one good instructor. Good instructors have loud & clear voices, change their voice inflections to motivate to push just that much harder, and keep the room temperature and pace constant throughout the class. They also aways teach me something new, even though I've done the same poses many times before.No parking issues. The let people in/out anytime, which is flexible but I think compromises some of the spirit of bikram practice.


Yum Y U M.

Huge plus: free towels available to use on-site. They also have a good size locker room. But I sometimes hear they run out hot water. Another plus: Hot yoga is the only yoga I practice during Fall/Winter, so it's great to have a studio with many repeat of hot yoga classes. I do cancel my membership around March, then resume in October.Now, the medicore: I've been here numerous times and ran into different instructors. The instructors are all nice (i'm sure), but the commonality is that they all talk reeeaaally fast and hard to understand sometimes. Feel like I'm car auction lot. Yoga is supposed to be meditative, relaxing and peaceful. Well, Bikram C.'s teach style is to yell at you, to tell you to choke, choke, chock your throat. Then calls you out at for taking a break to wipe all the sweat off. All of these nerve racking behaviors get passed onto the instructors. Hence, the environment is not the most relaxing. Feels more like I'm at a yoga bootcamp.One instructor was nice, where she'll address/correct you by being next to you and talk to you slowly and quietly. While some other instructors would call out from front of the room, "you in the blue, don't do that. Cross your fingers this way." And you're like..,"what huh, you talking to me?". Overall, this is not my top pick hot yoga studio due to teaching communication style.Side note: the 26 posture sequence in Bikram yoga was created by some middle-age guy who lives in LA name Bikram Choudhury. Practitioners have to follow the 26 postures in strict manner, but has the 26 sequence been validated and researched? Not sure, but I don't enjoy the idea of forcing your body to "lock" or "choke" in one session if it requires time for your body to reach that point with multiple sessions. I think most of the practitioners in the class are trying the best they physically can. Yet the teaching comes off unforgiving.I now just utilize hot yoga for the heat; it's like working out in a sauna for 90mins. A great way to lose water weight or make/cut weight for upcoming competitions. :)


jackie g.

Great place super teachers... very inviting and willing to teach a newbie like me. I can't wait to go back tomorrow!


K M.

Let's just say I am NEW-NEW-NEW to any type of Yoga and decided to try Bikram San Ramon after seeing a G***p*n for 30 days. I have to say I have enjoyed the practice sections and the instructors. The effort is at my own pace and I feel no pressure to 'be perfect', only to 'stay in the room' and 'try each pose'. If you want a 'no judgment' practice in a clean, professional, and positive atmosphere this is the place for you.


Christina H.

I've been here 4 time because I got a great groupond deal. (Luckily, I tired Bikram Yoga) I like the class, I did not think I can sweat as much as I did. The facility is clean, there's 2 shower, free towels, if you don't have a yoga mat it's for rental. Only complaint is the room smells of sweats which I am not sure if that's common. Instructor I had was good. I feel my muscles relax after half way though the class and less pain. Now that my groupond is over I would still go but wish they have a deal of some sort since I am a gym member already else where.


Robin L.

If someone were to tell me a month ago, that one day I would find myself in a 107 degree humid room, for 90 minutes at a time, holding 26 poses, ON PURPOSE, I would have told them they were nuts.  But I'm going on my third week doing Bikram to kick up my normal routine (my yoga instructor at Harding Martial Arts, Jackie, took me here) and I LOVE IT!Obviously I'm new to Bikram, so I don't have the context of some of the reviewers that have been frequenting Bikram studios for a million years.  What I can tell you is that this studio has great instructors (I've liked everyone that I've had, especially Mike), the studio itself is very functional (love the lockers, hairbands in case you forgot yours, and the different size towels) and the classes are consistently challenging.  And the feeling I get after I make it through a class is unbeatable!I signed up on a two week intro pass () and then a couple days after I started, a Groupon came out which cost a dollar less and went for the whole month.  The manager, Billy, was nice enough to extend me for the month so I truly appreciate how this business accomodated me.  I will definetely be coming to this studio to supplement my normal routine at Harding and for that, Yay! I'm a fan.Yelp 100 Challenge: 46/100


Dusty N.

I've been doing Bikram for several years and decided to give this place a try since they were near my new office and I got a great deal on Groupon. This place was nothing like any other Bikram studio I have ever been to. I only went once and never came back. Wasn't worth getting the money back to have to go back there. First off, the place is in the back of a warehouse looking place. When you walk in everyone is pretty much naked in their underwear and the place stinks to high hell. I walk in and tell the guy sitting in his underwear that I have a Groupon and he looked me up and down and said "Um, are you sure you wanna do this? Do you know what you are in for?" WTF???? He looked at me and sized me up and down and just assumed I wasn't fit enough to do this? I should have walked out then and there but I wanted to get my sweat on so I stayed. The women's locker room was just a room with a couple showers and some lockers separated by a curtain from the main lobby. Anyone could have easily slipped in there and seen naked women. The class in itself was alright but the instructor, the same naked man who signed me in, wasn't following the proper Bikram script that all others do. He was actually breaking it and making jokes and singling people out. It was not relaxing and I felt so uncomfortable and judged by him each time he walked by me. After the class I ran to take a shower. Hardly any amenities and lots of naked women just came right up to me with vajayjays out and all to ask me how I liked the class. It was so uncomfortable. I vowed to never come back. Most other Bikram yoga places I've been to have been in serene settings, such as tiny houses and cottages converted into a studio where there are private locker rooms and fully replenished amenities and no uncomfortable feelings whatsoever. And never have I been in yoga classes where the teachers were walking around in their tighty whities! Put some clothes on man!


Christine Z.

I'm doing the for two weeks deal. Drop-in prices are expensive. However, the facilities are nice. There are showers, soap, free towels, and a few yoga mats to borrow. There are monthly deals on groupon that can get you 80% discounts. Each session is 90 minutes and will leave you sweating. It is a refreshing workout.


Angie C.

This is a great place to try if you are brand new to Bikram and want to see what it's all about. I've found the instructors all decent, however for the more advanced Bikram student this is not for you. The temperature is very inconsistent and mostly feels about 85 -90 when it should be 105. They are very lax in discipline, letting people come and go when they please which also changes the temperature as well as letting people come in late, sometimes up to 15 mins! Other studios do not allow this.  My other complaints are the bright lights and the clock in the room which is also distracting. I also had a 10 year old boy in one of the classes with me which was pretty strange and he wasn't even with an adult. There are also a few regulars that need to have better personal hygiene as the smell is very off putting.  The students here also are not respectable of the final savasana and will be extremely loud when leaving even when others are still laying there.  For these reasons I will not go back and will continue my practice in Livermore which is an incredibly awesome studio.


Audrey L.

Just updating as I have completed my Groupon of 30 days and have since signed up for monthly classes. While the studio isn't as sheeshy as other studios in the area it really has all the basic amenities with the focus on yoga. I think this studio is a great value for the money if you go for the unlimited monthly option and go consistently, probably 10 classes or more a month for the math to work out. Consistency is key, like most memberships, however, I feel that this is the most affordable option. If they raised their prices I'll have to reconsider though.


Mason C.

1 star for clean facilities.1 star for responsive owner3 off for overly rigid instructor & philosophy.TLDR:  Terrible instructor ruins what would have been a good relationship.  Moderately responsive owner.I'm an active individual and have participated in yoga and all types of sports in the past,  but a joint irritation issue led me to hot yoga with the hope that it might be easier on my joints.  And it was!First class I was late to due to trouble finding the building, Billy left me a mat and towel by the door, thank you!  I didn't catch the instructor's name but she did several times suggest that "yoga should hurt!"  which I took to mean that we should challenge ourselves, though I was surprised to hear this very unusual yoga philosophy. Chalked it up to new studio + different ideas.  The class left me wrung out and feeling great and I looked forward to the next day's class.  So far, so good.The next day's class was with Lee started out fine but I began having some low back tightness after doing locust pose and chose to lie on my back and do a counter pose to ease the tension.  Lee came over and informed me that the class was doing locus pose.  I know, I replied...I just need a minute.  I was told not to do a counter pose but to lie flat and rest.  So I did.  But lying flat on my back was irritating it, too so I brought one leg up in runner's stretch kind of pose at which point Lee STOPPED THE CLASS to point out that if I could not do the proscribed pose I needed to lie flat and rest.  I explained I just needed a quick minute to stretch and re-set my back muscles.  He reiterated the need for me to lie flat but with this time with irritation in his voice and manner.  Mind you the entire class is now waiting for this to get resolved so they could get back their yoga class.  At no time did I ask for this attention, I just needed a minute to do my own thing and then re join the class.  I picked up my stuff and left the studio.The owner responded to the frustrated email I sent him with a suggestion that perhaps I need private yoga instructions to better understand how to yoga (which he offered for free) and also offered to speak to Lee about his rigidity.  The owner also suggested that his interpretation of me is of someone who could really benefit from yoga, mmmhmmm, that's why we were all there, no?  Perhaps he was suggesting that I was stressed or upset which.was.true.  I was very upset after the class with Lee.My yoga is my yoga practice, it should be as strenuous or not as I need it to be, students should be actively encouraged to find their own challenge.  Adult students are adults and while instruction should always be offered individual autonomy should be respected. Not going back.


Susan B.

I am  compelled to share this yoga studio with you.   Owners are diligent about client experience. ... this studio has many excellent instructors.  The air system keeps the room at a good temperature.  It is the same workout each day. .. the goal is learn about ourselves through diligent practice. .meditation and breath.  I have practiced at this studio for over 2 years.  It is a beautiful way to restore the brain and body to harmony.. all you must do is respect and PRACTICE. Each of the postures and do your own personal best in order to achieve good alignment and results. Namasre


Pooja C.

So so good! This was my husband and my first time doing bikram yoga, and we absolutely loved it! It's for all levels. So don't worry if you're just starting out or have been doing yoga for a while. The instructor made sure that everyone, irrespective of their experience, was getting a good workout/stretch in. We are long distance runners, and we felt like this was great stretch and strength workout for us. Definitely, hope to continue going. It was so great!They have a towel service service. You can bring your own if you want. You will need a towel! Don't forget to bring a water bottle. They also rent out mats for a dollar if you don't have one.


Jessica L.

Holy sweat. Getting bored of your typical workout routine? I highly recommended trying bikram yoga! Doing a set of 26 moves over 90 minutes in 106 degree heat + humidity sounds insane, probably is a little insane, but insanely awesome! I was a little nervous on my first day but I was welcomed with a big smile and warming vibes. They offer free towel service and you can also rent mats for the day if you forget yours. The facility is small, clean, and cute. There's lockers with a key/lock provided which I like a lot. Showers are available as well! Staff is so accommodating and friendly, instructor congratulated me when my first day was done AND gave me a little salt packet to replenish the minerals lost, she was the sweetest!! It's a great place with great staff and yogis of all levels.


Ms Critique S.

I'm a regular Bikram practitioner who's practiced in over 30 Bikram studios nationwide. Here's my real feedback:Pros:- Complimentary Towels- Large space- Good ventilation - showers- great bathroom amenitiesCons: - Half the towels are ragged and torn with holes in it. :(- inconsistent dialogue amongst instructors - I've literally had instructors move my hands in completely contradicting positions and tell you to inhale/exhale at contradictory times. Look I realize there are many different approaches and much is left to individual interpretation but within a studio, most well-managed studios offer consistency in this respect to various techniques. - Instructors ....sorry but I would use the words complacent, non-present, uncaring, and oblivious. Here are a few I have specific feedback on:-Betty (I think that's her name - cute little Asian girl) screams, shouts, and just yells the words. I've never left a yoga room before final savasana in 4 years of practicing all over the country except from her class. It's literally excruciating to my ears when she's shouting the dialogue 2 feet from my ears. Plus because she's yelling the words, and speaking so loudly, the slow drawn out speed of her dialogue prevents you from really moving with the words because in order to actually move with the dialogue as a "moving meditation" the way it's intended would be to be in a strange slow-mo, skip a step, slow-mo rhythm, that's not realistic.-"Chica"? (Af-Amer cute girl) very sweet but 100% not present, never offers corrections. Like literally never.-I don't know her name but she's a red head that counts numbers in the breathing postures in French, actually will take time out of class to ridicule people. What the what?! We're not here for your power trip. Yells at people, makes fun of people for trying hard. Has a sour attitude....Lee is better than the others but he's simply disinterested, sings his dialogue not paying attention to his words, leaves for 2-5 minutes at the long savasana before the floor series, and sometimes almost seems angry at people. The rest of the instructors are truly just average, at best. I don't know...I had to mention this because the owner looks like a sweet person who needs to know that from a true Bikram yogi, this place needs better management and care. I wouldn't share this if I didn't have good intentions. This studio could be wonderful, with an investment in some good strong instructors that WANT TO BE THERE, and care and enjoy and have the zest for this amazing practice. I miss the days with some of my best instructors who would inspire me, whose voices and corrections and positive affirmations are who I'm trying to remember in each of my classes at Bikram Yoga San Ramon. Please take this feedback positively. I mean for the best. :)By the way, I've practiced in every evening and weekend time slot. Never did the mid week mid-day classes. There might be better instructors then.


Natalie S.

This is the only place I've been to for Bikram yoga and it's a good fit for me because it's local, friendly, casual and has a lot to offer as far as clean mats, towels, lockers, showers and toiletries. It's quite spacious in the locker room/bathroom areas with a nice decor as well. I'll keep returning because it is by far my favorite kind of workout and really helps detox and relieve pain:)

About Bikram Yoga and Reviews
About Bikram Yoga and Reviews